Kylie Marie Heise Scholarship

2020 Recipients

Kylie Marie Heise Scholarship

Congratulations to Gray Collegiate Academy seniors Emily Kussro and Mitchell Stevens as recipients of the 2020 Kylie Marie Heise Memorial Scholarship.

The Kylie Marie Heise Memorial Scholarship is awarded by June 5 annually, which marks Kylie Marie's birthday. Kylie Marie, who passed away on October 16, 2009, as a result of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, was the daughter of Kyle Heise and niece of Kevin Heise - two of the founders and integral members of CRFC in 1993.

A monetary scholarship along with a certifcate is awarded to a graduated boys and girls senior soccer player who has played with CRFC. In addition, a donation to a charity will be made during the month of June. This year's charity is in Memory of Lee Branham, who passed away May 22, 2020. Lee served as an Assistant Coach for the Swansea High School girls soccer program and one of his three daughters previously played with Congaree Rapid FC.

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