CRFC West Metro Update

August 1, 2016

CRFC West Metro Parents,

We hope that you’re looking forward to the upcoming season with us at CRFC West Metro.  We have a few changes this season that I hope will help us better serve your children.  In an attempt to make it easier for families with multiple players, we will be streamlining our practice sessions to occur on Monday and Thursday nights from 6:30-8:00.

In years past, the typical practice situation was two one-hour practices a week.  With the new practice time extended to an hour and a half, your player will be getting an additional hour of training a week. This will also keep players from losing so much training time with the occasional missed practice.

Street Soccer nights will be offered on the same nights as the live registrations. Street Soccer is an opportunity for all registered players to come out and just play the game of soccer.  Those who are interested in being a volunteer coach will be asked to be there to help facilitate and ensure player safety.  Small fields will be set up with different color bibs (to distinguish teams) and a set of soccer balls.  Players will be directed to a field in which they will play small-sided games.  There will be limited coaching as we’re hoping that the game will be the teacher.  Our volunteer coaches will use this time to get to know our players and provide information to the staff that will help determine teams.  Player involvement is encouraged during this time as it helps the staff come up with equal rosters.

Rosters will be made and distributed to the volunteer coaches, as well as their team’s uniforms.  The first official practice will be held on September 15th, where you should be able to meet your child’s coach as well as receive your uniform.  At this time, you may want to discuss with your coach about a snack schedule, trophies, parent contact sheets and/or any other team administration topics.

CRFC West Metro is very proud of the level of coaching education that it provides, as well as how easy we make it for the volunteer coaches.  In order to be a volunteer coach, a simple background check is the only thing required, along with a positive attitude and willingness to teach children.  Practice plans will be provided for each volunteer coach on a weekly basis, and CRFC staff coaches will be available to help volunteers implement them on most Monday nights.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know by emailing me at


Chris Hooker
Director of Coaching – CRFC West Metro