2021 Fall Rec Information


2021 Fall Rec Information

August 16, 2021

Hello Parents!  I hope that everyone has enjoyed a great summer and are looking forward to the upcoming season!  Just wanted to touch base with you all to let you know our season dates and other info. 


Registration and Uniforms

Registration is currently open and you can register online at https://sc-congareerapidfc.affinitysoccer.com/reg/Public/registration/login.aspx?domain=sc-congareerapidfc.affinitysoccer.com&language=english&sessionguid=

We will also have one of our staff members, Janet Mitchell, be at the fields on Monday and Thursday nights from 5:30 to 7:30 to help take your registrations.  If you're having any trouble registering, please reach out to her at noah0319@gmail.com to register in person or for online problems, please reach out to our club registrar, Lisa Simmons, at crsaregistrar@gmail.com.


Please make sure that you choose a uniform size when registering.  I order uniforms two weeks before we start having games and I only order what we need plus 5 extras.  Obviously, I don't know your child's size and I don't want to be responsible for ordering your child a Youth Small, when they need a YXL.  



We will start the season with a parent meeting on Thursday September 9th.  Age specific times will be released once we get closer to the date.  I want to have a better idea as to how many kids we have registered before I release those times.  At this meeting, we will introduce our coaches from Soda City FC, sign up volunteers, go over field layouts, etc.  Please make every effort to make this meeting.



Monday     Thursday    
2-Aug     5-Aug    
9-Aug     12-Aug    
16-Aug     19-Aug    
23-Aug     26-Aug    
30-Aug     2-Sep    
6-Sep Labor Day 9-Sep Parent Meeting
13-Sep First Practice   16-Sep Practice  
20-Sep Practice   23-Sep Match 1  
27-Sep Practice   30-Sep Match 2  
4-Oct Practice   7-Oct Match 3  
11-Oct Practice   14-Oct Match 4  
18-Oct Practice   21-Oct Match 5  
25-Oct Practice   28-Oct Goals and Ghouls
1-Nov Practice   4-Nov Match 6  

At this time, we're trying to schedule practices to be all at the same time, which will be from 6 to 7.  This will all be dependent on the number of players that we have sign up and how many volunteers we have.  We will be having coaches from Soda City FC back again to help us and of course, we're still looking for volunteers to help out as well.  Volunteers are only there to help the Soda City FC and we do not require you to have any prior experience.



U7 - U12 = $85

U6            = $50

U4            = $50

Volunteer opt out fee = $25


Every player will be charged $25 for the volunteer opt out fee.  At the end of the season, anyone who signs up to volunteer and helps throughout the season, will be reimbursed this fee.


If you have any questions about your child's age group, please see the chart below.  


Age Matrix  
U4 2018
U5 (U6) 2017
U6 2016
U7 (U8) 2015
U8 2014
U9 (U10) 2013
U10 2012
U11 (U12) 2011
U12 2010


If you are a U4 and below parent, our registration system does not recognize this particular age group, so you can just contact me and I'll put you in my database.  


Field Address

We're fortunate to have one of the best complexes in the Midlands to host all of our games and practices.  If you're unfamiliar with its location, you can plug in the address as 760 Old Barnwell Road in West Columbia.


That should be about it for right now.  Thanks for reading through this long email, hopefully it answers any questions that you might have.  If not, please feel free to email me at chooker18@hotmail.com




Chris Hooker